“Andreeff’s vocals still bear a passing resemblance to Etheridge, but her breathless style is smoother and, of course, she has strong harmony from Bergner’s second voice.” –  Dale Anderson

“I’m impressed with their performance and their original songs.”– David Crosby (CSN), during Woodstock 30th Anniversary Concert, A Day in the Garden

“Anatara combines the sensibility of The Indigo Girls , the grit of Melissa Etheridge and the bold dynamics of 80’s rock bands.” – Author Unknown

“Donna and Winnie’s vocals are superb and are so hypnotic at times that you don’t realize when they have switched off singing parts” – David Golmak, flavir magazine

“Hard-rocking and tightly produced effort by Andreeff and Bergner, who never sounded better.” – Anthony Violanti, Buffalo News